Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A tale of two pastors

Obama's former minister seems to have OD'd on publicity lately which forced Obama to turn his back on him. Of course the media loves this and has kept it percolating on the front burner for weeks. Now if you ask them about McCain's groveling for John Hagee's endorsement all you'll hear are crickets. This is what we're facing. Obama never asked for Wright's endorsement, and made clear that he didn't agree with a lot of what Wright said. But to our courageous media, that's not enough. What would convince them? Should Obama challenge Wright to a fistfight? Throw a brick through his window?

Hagee said New Orleans deserved Katrina and calls for us to nuke Iran. If Obama is to be shackled with everything Wright says, why isn't that same standard applied to McCain?

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