Sunday, April 27, 2008


Boy am I beat. I spent all weekend and most of my evenings last week digging up part of my backyard. My backyard is mostly shade, but there's a patch of grass that gets a fair amount of sun. With the crappy soil this patch immediately bakes and the sparse grass that's on it turns brown. I don't want to us the amount of water it would take to keep it green so I'm building a vegetable garden. I had grandiose plans for raised beds but I crashed into the fact that I don't want to spend the time on anything involving carpentry right now. Maybe later. Anyway I decided that I would take out six inches of soil in the bed areas and replace that with compost. Well, digging out half a foot of this soil when it has set for the summer is just a rung below breaking asphalt.

In addition, anthough the weather during the week was great for yard work- partly cloudy, lower 60's, it shot up into the mid eighties for the weekend. Took a big bite out of the Pellegrino stash. Right now, everything hurts but the worst is over.

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