Wednesday, April 30, 2008

KGO TV News calls Democrats liars

LeeJ and almost choked on our lasagna while we were watching the local news on KGO San Francisco channel 7. The subject was the ads that the DNC has been running about John McCain. Political reporter Mark Matthews called the ads "misleading." The first ad he referred to, the "100 years" ad, he played part of the ad and said it took McCain's words out of context. He then played more of the clip used where McCain compared Iraq to South Korea and Germany, along with the line about staying "as long as no troops are hurt or killed." Everybody here is familiar with the speciousness of those remarks but Matthews said nothing further.

The second ad referred to was the one where McCain listed the reasons why we're better off than we were since Bush took office. Matthews said this was an "old" clip taken from 2006. No mention of the fact that McCain was as wrong then as he is now. He then accused the Democrats of fudging the numbers, specifically the increase in the price of gas, which went down after 9-11 because nobody was driving. He also said that Bush increased jobs over his term without mentioning that the increase has not kept up with the increase in population.

LeeJ is still purple over this and sent a nasty email to them. The media bias against the Democrats is not limited to Fox and CNN. Even the local media will call the Democrats liars on the flimsiest of premises while ignoring the campaign of misinformation the Republicans have unloaded on us.

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