Friday, November 28, 2008

Post-Thanksgiving Belmont blogging

funny pictures of cats with captions
We're here at Lee J's parents again for Thanksgiving and I brought the laptop with me so I've done a ton of web-surfing and caught up on a lot of the blogs I haven't been to lately. It took us a bit to find the password for the wireless, but Beverly, my mother-in-law called tech and got it.

Turkey Day had the traditional dinner which was great as usual and I stopped eating before I reached the pain threshold. I pigged out on Halloween candy, though.

One of their cats went missing about a month ago while their house was being remodeled and the other on disappeared earlier this week. Wednesday night I heard scratching and yowling that sounded like it was above so I suggested we open the hatches to the attic so she could come down that night. A little after midnight I was awakened again by scratching and yowling and I thought the cat might have been stuck in the wall. Then it occurred to me that the sound was coming from the chest of drawers that they had put back in the room after the painters finished. I switched on the light and sure enough, I opened the drawer and out jumped the cat. It took off straight for the litter box. Our cats would have crapped in the drawers.

I wanted to start on the Expectorator, but I forgot most of the files I need. Typical.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Via Carl Zimmer, there's this new genetic study of a photosynthetic sea slug. It's taken the symbiotic algae technique a step further and incorporated photosynthetic ability into it's own DNA. The lead researcher has given it its own website.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Like beaten spouses

Do you have ANY idea  how much you piss me off??
Senate Democrats let turncoat Joe Lieberman keep his Committee chair today. Harry "thank you sir, may I please have another" Reid (D-Spineless) said, "we're looking forward, we're not looking back." We donated, volunteered and voted these dickheads into office and this is the thanks we get.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kind people

Via kos, list of potheads abound. Pot smokers are successful and have lots of friends. Rich and famous friends, in fact. It's time to stand up for ourselves.

Earworm for ya

For some reason, Poinciana has been stuck in in my head lately. Now it's your turn. From the original poster:
Jazz piano legend Ahmad Jamal performing in 2005, in a set of mostly originals, accompanied by drums legend Idris Muhammad and James Cammack on bass.
Life is returning to normal after the election. I finally cut the grass, sorted some files on the computer, put all the Halloween stuff away and vacuumed the upstairs. Well, the Roomba did, anyway.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Did

Epic win
Last night, at some friends' house, we watched our first black President-elect give a call to a new nation. The long horror of the Bush administration will end soon. The country has repudiated conservative ideology. We are not a conservative country and never were. The slumbering electorate, long content to be led by simpleminded dogma, has awakened to the need for thought again.

The glass isn't full. The passage of Prop. 8 is a big turd floating in the punchbowl. The gains in Congress were less than I had hoped. Scumbags like Michelle Bachmann and Mitch McConnell retained their seats. But, for the second election in a row, we won. The left is energized, organized and on offense again. This is our moment. This is our time.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween post-game

The cave in the garage went better than I thought it would. I managed to get it all set up by about 3:30, so I could catch my breath before any kids showed up. It rained on and off through the day and I thought wouldn't get anybody to show up, but we had a fair amount of family groups come by for a couple of hours.

The kids, even the older ones, were hesitant to come in, so I guess it looked pretty spooky. I could never get my mask on and hood up in time when we say them coming down the driveway, so I could only jump up and scare a few of them but I got a lot of 'em with Zombie Nixon.

It was fun. I'm going to try this again next year.