Monday, April 28, 2008

Still think we're free?

Today the Supreme Court reminded us (again) why putting a Democrat in the White House is important. They ruled today that Indiana could require voters to show photo ID to vote. This may not seem like a big deal at first glance, but it has a ripple effect. Several states have been watching this and now they have the green light.

The problem with this is that many voters do not have photo ID and would have difficulty getting it. That includes elderly people who have moved recently, poor people, students and people who have religious objections to have their picture taken. The biggest groups are students and poor people who tend to vote Democrat. Hmm. Sho' nuff, this case is Republican-driven. The Indiana Secretary of State said, "this says to the voter you can have confidence again in elections because we're doing some of the things the guy at the video store does when you go and rent a video." Sure. People shoplift videos all the time. How many votes have been stolen like this?

None. Zilch, zip, zero. Justice Stevens himself admitted, "The record contains no evidence of any such fraud actually occuring in Indiana at any time in its history." He had to go back 140 years to Boss Tweed in New York to find a case. This is part of the Republican "voter fraud" offensive that Alberto Gonzales put into place. Voter fraud is a myth. It doesn't happen. Voter disenfranchisement will now happen much more often.

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