Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bought and Sold

The New York Times reported on Sunday that many of the retired military commanders that the TV networks have used regularly as analysts are themselves paid by and manipulated by the Pentagon. The Pentagon has created a sophisticated strategy for controlling the flow of information about the war. The Times refers to the analysts as a "Trojan horse." These former generals and admirals, called on as experts by the news shows, were given an agenda to push by the Pentagon and the military contractors. These analysts were not only by the carrot of cash and the stick of losing access to the cash, but they are also ideologically in lockstep. And all their buddies were there. And the Pentagon stroked their egos. Read it. It's impossible not to be paranoid.

That's not even the worst part. Think of the uproar if a Democrat was in the White House right now. As it is, the networks have refused to comment and there's not a peep heard outside the blogosphere. We're effectively under a news blackout about the subject. They know they'll just pretend it never happened and the only ones who know are the DFHs that nobody listens to anyway. Think we're still in the Land Of Liberty?

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