Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Can this get any sillier?

I'll be your VP  but no kissing!
If you were out doing fun things or yard work this holiday weekend you may have missed one of the most entertaining news cycles of this campaign- the emerging absurdity of Sarah Palin. McCain's camp insists that she was thoroughly vetted before the decision was made, but vetting must have been done over beer and mooseburgers. So far we have learned that:

She has lawyered up over the abuse-of-power charge that we already knew about.

She was once a member of a fringe right-wing Alaska secessionist party and still might be sympathetic to their cause.

Palin positions herself a reformer who is against pork, like the infamous Bridge to Nowhere, but has been caught lying. She also was for earmarks before she was against them.

A lobbyist she hired as mayor of Wasilla has Abramoff connections.

As mayor of Wasilla, she wanted to ban books from the library and fired anybody who disagreed with her.

Since McCain is vocally against "527" political organizations, how will he reconcile the fact that Palin ran one for indicted senator Ted Stevens?

Her husband has a DUI from 1986.

To debunk rumors that her new baby was really her 17-year-old daughter's, Palin had to reveal said daughter is 5 months pregnant now, and will marry the father in a shotgun wedding this spring. The father, a self-described "fuckin' redneck," doesn't want kids.

This list is by nowhere near complete. I haven't touched on Palin's propensity to say stupid things and new revelations are coming faster than I can type. Stay tuned. It's great comedy.