Sunday, September 21, 2008

California's propositions for 2008

Here's my two cents over the propositions on November's ballot.

Prop. 1A Safe, Reliable High-Speed Passenger Train Bond Act. I've been on the bullet train from Paris to Lyon and it's amazing. Whisper-quiet at 250 mph. This would get people of the overstrained highways and airports. Good for the environment, too. Yes.

Prop. 2 Standards for Confining Farm Animals. Initiative Statute. I like meat, but there's no reason for my meat to live in misery. Yes.

Prop. 3 Children’s Hospital Bond Act. Grant Program. Initiative Statute. Single-payer health care is what we need, but this is a step. Yes.

Prop. 4 Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minor’s Pregnancy. Initiative Constitutional Amendment. Another cut at Roe v. Wade. No.

Prop. 5 Nonviolent Drug Offenses. Sentencing, Parole and Rehabilitation. Initiative Statute. People shouldn't be in jail at all for these offenses. Until people get common sense over drugs and legalize them, we can limit the effects of this witch-hunt mentality. Yes.

Prop. 6 Police and Law Enforcement Funding. Criminal Penalties and Laws. Initiative Statute. More lock-ups for kids? No.

Prop. 7 Renewable Energy Generation. Initiative Statute. Badly written and counterproductive. No.

Prop. 8 Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry. Initiative Constitutional Amendment. Deny gays the right to marry? Hell, no.

Prop. 9 Criminal Justice System. Victims’ Rights. Parole. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute. More punishment and prison overcrowding. No.

Prop. 10 Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Renewable Energy. Bonds. Initiative Statute. Swift Boat funder and oilman T. Boone Pickens is behind this. That's snake oil you smell. No.

Prop. 11 Redistricting. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute. More election game-rigging by the Republicans. No.

Prop. 12 Veterans’ Bond Act of 2008. Extends benefits for veterans. Yes.

Take it for what you will. See you at the polls, bitches.


red e fine said...

Did you read this "badly written" initiative? Did you know the Mercury refused to meet with proponents for prop. 7? Did you know that it is in fact an amendment to ALL of the counterproductive and poorly written parts of current California law AB32? Did you know you've just parroted the same utility companies that lied to their consumers and the federal government for 7 years, falsifying consumer satisfaction reports so they could illegally raise rates? They finally got caught lying about that and now have to pay $110 million dollars back to their rate-payers along with an outright $30 million fine. Did you know you were lied to AGAIN? and are spreading the very same lies? Now you know. Check out the facts for yourself either at ballotpedia or this new blog:

jck said...

It's not just the Mercury news that's against it, it's also the Sierra Club and the CPUC. The fast-track funding removes local control and undermines environmental protection. The 2/3 vote requirement for changes is ridiculous. That allows Republicans to stonewall any improvements. This one's a biggie: it excludes projects under 30MW from participating. That means only large corporate installations can benefit. California will become greener when every rooftop, like the 2.7 KW system on my house, has solar panels.