Friday, May 23, 2008

Pomp and Circumstance

Congratulations all around for LeeJ, who graduated from the Sonoma State paralegal program yesterday. We had a good crew on hand to see her get the certificate, with her parents, brother Nick, LeeJ's s longtime friend Gretchen, with her mother Pam and son Cody all traveling to take part. Our neighbor Julia, who got LeeJ started on this path, hosted us all for pizza before the ceremony.

SSU didn't waste any time with the ceremony, because we got there 10 minutes late and they were already on the second speaker. It was in an art gallery on campus that was too small so people were huddled in the doorways but they did have champagne.

LeeJ is happy to be finally done and glad to see her family and old friends. Plus, the house is clean, we have snacks and cake to last all weekend and I don't have to work until Tuesday.

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