Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4th liveblogging from Belmont

We're here at LeeJ's parents' house in Belmont for Independence Day. I had tickets from my boss to see the Giants play the Cubs (8-3 Giants) and drove south afterward to spend the 4th down here. We watched the parade in Redwood City in the morning. In my opinion, the first marching band, which was a local drum corps, whose name I forget, was the best. They played a funky, hip-hop-inflected beat with a lot of tommy-drum and cowbell action. We checked out LeeJ's brother's pad afterward and came back for the traditional backyard BBQ.

My in-laws are having the house painted and I had to connect their computer back together so I could blog this. Does this mean I have a problem? LeeJ thinks so. Fortunately, my in-laws don't mind me playing with their computer. One fun thing is that LeeJ's parents are also staunch liberals so political conversations are among kindred spirits. It's worth the cross communication because I get most of my politics via the blogosphere and they get theirs from TV and we can compare the two. The consesus is that libereals are kinder, smarter and just plain better than conservatives.

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